Christians have love, Muslims have discipline, and Jews have the formula (the teachings in the Hebrew Bible).

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Christian means follower of the anointed one. Jesus was a teacher/preacher of the Hebrew scriptures.

He followed the commandments . He never told people to worship him instead of the Creator.  It is forbidden to worship anyone or anything besides the Creator. 


It is not possible for anyone to be sacrificed for your sins since human sacrifice is forbidden.  Also, after the temple was built , it was prohibited to offer a sacrifice anywhere but inside the Temple.  Jesus died outside of the Temple.

Muslim ( Arabic ) means someone who is submissive to the Almighty. A Jew ( English from Hebrew Yehudi or Yehudiyah[female]) is someone who praises the Almighty.

The New Testament, the Quran, and the Jewish Bible do not contradict each other in their original languages and in their original cultural meanings.

The enemies of good want fighting between us. They grow with ignorance and fear.

Study... use dictionaries and encyclopedias.   

   The perfect plan for your life is in the commandments.   Start out by honoring the culture of our common religious ancestors.



   The majority of people are familiar with the Hebrew Bible & the New Testament.  They are not familiar with the Quran. Since it is repeating the message of the Hebrew Scriptures & also the original version of the Christian writings, I will concentrate on helping to familiarize readers with some basic Surahs ( chapters ) & verses in the Quran.

There are those who quote very strong verses from the Quran. What they neglect to say is that these same themes & even stronger ones are in the Bible.



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