Surahs 1 - 27 part 5

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              Important verses

My purpose in these following pages is to show that the Quran is repeating the message of the Hebrew Scriptures & also the original version of the Christian writings.

There are those who quote very strong verses from the Quran. What they neglect to say is that these same verses are in the Bible.




                  Surahs 1 - 27  part  5


  O Allah. Master of Power. Thou givest power to whom thou pleasest, and thou strippest off power from whom those pleasest. Thou enbuest w. honor whom thou pleasest, and thou bringest low whom thou pleasest... over all things thou hast power 3:26


..Thou bringest the Living out of the Dead, and thou bringest the Dead out of the Living v27


(of ISA,  " Jesus " ) The son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of those nearest to Alaah. v45


And Alaah will teach him The Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel v48

(ISA states) .. "..fear Alaah and obey me" v50


It is not that a man, to whom is given the Book, and Wisdom, and the Prophetic Office, should say to people: "Be ye my worshippers rather than Alaah's" v79


Nor would he instruct you to take angels and prophets for master and patrons v80


..Alaah guides not a people unjust v86


Of such the reward is that on them the curse of Alaah, of His angels, and of all mankind - .. except for those that repent ... and make amends, .. Alaah is most merciful (oft-forgiving) v87-89